July 30, 2021




KreaTeam Association is to focus on the opportunities for youth ages and to provide services that promote the expansion of the knowledge of young people in the fields of community building, skills development, dealing with the impact of EU integration etc…. To achieve the objectives of the Association resources are encountered, carries out trainings, organizes events and projects. To achieve the objectives of the Association it works together public, social and economic organizations, associations to help the successful operation of the Association, and its target groups.

The main functions of the Association:
• Improves literacy of young people to promote life;
• Organizes youth events;
• Helps EU integration of young people;
• Helps to create dialogs between the different age groups and generations to mitigate conflicts, and to strengthen the cohesion;
• Organizes youth camps, community-building programs;
• Helps the career of study of the youth and organizes educational trips;
• Helps the boosting of community life;
• Organizes and manages recreational programs;
• Builds relations with other youth organizations and scientific institutions, universities, colleges;
• Organizes competence development trainings, courses
• Organizes events where young talents have opportunity for showing himself;
• Supports scientific research, analyzes initiates, conducts, publishes professional publications
• Explores national and EU funds, writes proposals and initiate projects to the effective implementation the purposes of the Association.

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