July 30, 2021

Valmiera Secondary School No.2


A number of demanded and popular education programmes are realized in our school

• Pedagogic correction education programme (Forms 7-9)
• 2nd phase of Primary Education programme for the evening shift (Forms 7-9)
• General Secondary Education Humanitarian and Social programme
• General Comprehensive Secondary Education programme
• Extramural General Secondary Education programme with distance learning elements

Work is ongoing in Career Education – students can explore themselves, their needs and capabilities for future profession

Student Self-Government is very active – they organise and conduct various activities, participate in campaigns and projects

The school newspaper “Word” – students can realize themselves as interviewers and authors of the articles

It is possible to participate in the Floristic group. Students decorate school for national holidays and school events

This school year 281 students study in our school

Adaptation Week
Day of Knowledge
“Dusk” Readings
Teacher’s Day
Safety Week
“The ABC of the good behaviour”
Sports day
Charity Campaign
Traditional Latvian festivals
Stars Day (for students’ children)
Creative Workshops
Competition of Erudite
Jetton Evening
Big Cleanup
Torch Procession
Mother’s Day
The Last Bell
School Graduation

We are ready to cooperate in the following directions:
• Cooperation
• exchange of experience
• projects
• students self-government
• school events

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