July 30, 2021

V.M.Craiu Techological Higschool

Romania 1„V. M. Craiu” Technological Highschool.Situated in Belcesti parish, Iasi county, Romania. The specialization courses are on Public administration, Constructions, Mechanics and Textiles. It has four buildings, two for primary and highschool pupils one for primary pupils and another for the kindergarden. We also have a big sports hall, which we are proud of because it is equipped with a climbing pane and things you find in an adventure park. The staff is also numerous due to the big number of students, and we also have two headmasters.

The activities of the organisation for this project will follow the two directions given by the project’s organisers. The first direction is to develop and implement a plan of activities(classes, events, promotions, training and other activities…) and the second direction is the organisation of workshops. All these will be decided together with all the partners involved.
The self-governmentor student’s council will also be involved. It is made up of the students Popa Florinela-Varvara, Babanu Gabriela, Rotaru Stefana and teachers Mihai Ciprian and Nohai Iulia. Some examples of activities would be: „Give! Be one of the CRAI!”; „ Let’s go carolling!”; „Celebrating Dragobete”; „ The spring ball”; „ Treasure hunters” and The summer school. Each activity is due to involve students from those in secondary form to those in highschool and keep their interest for learning alive by means of informal activities.

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