July 31, 2021

Abidin Pak-Pakmaya Anadolu Lisesi



Our school, which was established in 2009, boasts 500 students and 30 teachers. In the school are 24 classrooms, an ICT lab, a library, a physics lab, a chemistry lab, a multi-purpose hall, art and music classes, a football pitch, a basketball court and a canteen. There are smart boards and internet connection in all classes and labs.
Our school is located in a disadvantageous place in the suburbs of Edremit, where uneducated and poor Roma people live and there aren’t enough infastructure services.

Our school is the third best out of 11 high schools in our town. Our students are chosen by an national exam which is held by the government. Our students learn general subjects like Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, English etc. They also take courses such as music, art, chess, drama according to their interests after classes at school. At the end of each year, all educational, artistic and musical activities are presented to the families and the people in Edremit. The main aim is to help our students to pass university entrance exam and 80% of our students achieved to enter university.

We also organize educational trips to the universities, cultural activities, project and book fairs. We prepare a school magazine with the help of our students and teachers so as to help our students to express themselves and to inform the people about the activities at school. We also use our web site do disseminate our educational and cultural activities.

In order to improve the quality of our education and reach European standarts, we attach great importance National and European Projects. So far, we have done a Comenius School Partnership Project, a Grundtvig partnership project, and Youth in Action projects. Moreover, 5 teachers took part in workshops on literacy and 2 teachers participated in in-service training about teaching English.

Eyery year, we hold an election in order to enable our students to decide who to be in student council. We also want to help them learn and practice this democratic activity. The representatives in each class passes on requests, ideas and complaints from students in that class to the student council and the council try to solve the problem with the help of principal and teachers. This helps students to train themselves to be a leader, as well.

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