July 29, 2021

Mobility in Portugal

Agenda for a Youth Mobility in Barcelos, Portugal with Mobility Friends

Dates: 21.02.2016 – 27.02.2016

Day Activities
Sunday 21.02.2016 Arrival to Porto Airport


Monday 22.02.2016 Breakfast

Visit at Escola Secundaria de Barcelos

Meeting with the headmaster

Discussion on Problems and Solutions of Youngsters at school

Meeting with the President and members of students school club

Ice breaking games

Discussion on the organisation of the Students Club

Meeting with the President and members of European Club

Discussion on the organisation of the European Club

Lunch break

I BET YOU – presentation and discussion on the problem of gambling among Youth – risks and solutions


Intercultural evening

Tuesday 23.02.2016 Breakfast

GO GREEN! – every team will plant a tree and hang on it little cards (in chosen shapes) with their biggest fears and the type of help/guidance they want from adults(teachers/trainers)

Lunch break

BeABussinessBee – workshops on how to establish your own company. Each team will have to come up with a product and write a business plan how to produce and sell the product. Afterwards, they will present their ideas to the whole group.


‘Fly, Fly Birdie’ Charades game

Wednesday 24.02.2016 Breakfast

Meeting with Mrs Armandino Saleira – the head of the Education and Culture Departament in Municipality in Barcelos – discussion on the situation of unemployment among young people and solutions that were introduced by national and local gvernment

Lunch break

FashionMeUp – theatre and fashion workshop/games

Participants will be divided into 2 groups. One group will have to use their own clothes and ideas to dress the teachers, the other group will be the opposite – the teachers will have to dress the students with their clothes.

After there will be a fashion show and a discussion on generation gap.


Vistting Barcelos

Thursday 25.02.2016 Breakfast

Visit at the market in Barcelos (one of the biggest in Portugal) –students will be given a limitted amount of pocket money (10e) and each team will have to buy foodproducts tha later will be used by adults to prepare a traditional international dinner for youngsters. This will teach tchem how wisely spend the money and survive on a limitted budget.


Time Capsule – students will come up with wishes and expectations for the future which will be placed in glass bottles and burried on the Mobility Friends Campus

Dinner – prepared by the caretakers and served to the Youth

Friday 26.02.2016 Breakfast

Cultural trip to Porto


Evaluation and Certificate Ceremony


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